Travel for Free as a Group Leader

Did you know you can travel totally for free?  Sounds like a joke to you!  Actually, it is not.  If you are a group leader, we guarantee you will enjoy touring for free with Croconile.  Here are the most common questions and answers…

What is a group leader?

The common definition of a group leader is a person who works with the staff of a group tour company, in which he is selling the tour for a group of people in exchange for free travel and other benefits.

Additionally, a group leader can easily be anyone involved with a church, social club, sports team, religious group, or an organization that enjoys travelling.  He might also be someone with a group of family or friends who like traveling together.

So, if you are fond of taking a leadership role in a group, organizing tours and acting as the main contact person, we assure you a free travel!

How to travel for free as a group leader?

Get your group together (has to be a group of 16 or more).  You, then, have to collect all needed information about your group such as: preferred destinations, your group goals, accommodation category, age group, length of the trip and any special requirements.  Tell us what tour activities and sightseeing attractions your group would like to experience and it will be our turn to point out the right itinerary.

What benefits a group leader can get?

Travel for free with Croconile if you organize a group of 16 members or more.  Get a free accommodation, meals, domestic flights, sightseeing tours and free transportation as per group program.  It is just our way to thank you for trusting us.

Besides living a unique & enriching experience, making new friends and of course traveling with people who share the same interests you have.

What are the responsibilities of a group leader?

The group leader must accompany the group at all times; during meals, sightseeing excursions and any optional tours.  He will be in charge of contacting the group and delivering any updates about the tour.  In addition, he will be responsible for presenting the destination and explaining key cultural differences.   

In other words, the group leader will act as the main contact person with us, but if you are a group leader, don't worry you are not required to guide the tour; you just need to be the organizer in your country.

What can we do to help?

In Croconile travel, we will help you in designing all brochures, flyers and registration forms needed for your group members.  We will be responsible for managing all booking procedures, so you don't have to worry about booking your accommodation, domestic flights or transportations.

We, as well, will provide detailed itinerary to make sure your vacation will be quick and easy, for example, you will be familiar with the exact cost for your group & what will the package include.  You can contact us anytime of the day as we are available 24/7 for any inquiry.

In brief, if you think being a group leader is a lot to do, think again! We will take care of everything; you just need to get your members excited about traveling.

How to get people excited about travelling as a group?

Host introductory meetings for travelers in your community or your church, let them know about the exciting trips and use colored motivating brochures about it.  Keep your group interested about your tour by presenting the advantages of this unique experience including trying new cuisines, meeting new people and visiting exclusive touristic attractions.

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