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Enter your name and see it written in hieroglyphics inside a cartouche. Print it or share it on Facebook & What's app with your friends. Interesting, isn't it! Croconile hieroglyphs generator service allows you to translate alphabetic characters into ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. We use the closest phonetics to match each alphabetic character.

Quick tips about Egyptian hieroglyphs:
  • Hieroglyphics is a Greek word means "holy writing".
  • There were over 6000 signs in the language by 300 BC.
  • Scribes, royals, priests and nobles were the only ancient Egyptian society members capable of reading hieroglyphs.
  • It can be read from left to right or right to left and from top to bottom.
  • Direction of reading hieroglyphs depends on how the animals or humans are facing.
  • If they are facing the right direction, you read from right to left and vice versa.
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